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Heroes of Might and Magic III HD

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 on Android for free!

Heroes of Might and Magic III HD - Heroes of Might and Magic 3 on Android for free!
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As in the PC version, there is the possibility of entering cheat codes. While on the world map, click on the empty area of the interface in the lower left coer (see the fifth screenshot), then enter:

  • nwcshrubbery - get 100000 gold and 100 of each pecypca;
  • nwcalreadygotone - open Graal cards;
  • nwcgeneraldirection - open all maps;
  • nwcantioch - get all combat vehicles;
  • nwctim - get 999 mana and all spells;
  • nwccastleanthrax - maximum luck;
  • nwcmuchrejoicing - maximum morale;
  • nwcigotbetter - raise the hero one level;
  • nwcavertingoureyes - 5 Apxangels appear in all empty slots of the selected hero;
  • nwcfleshwound - 10 Black Knights appear in all empty slots of the selected hero;
  • nwccoconuts - infinite movement;
  • nwconlyamodel - build all buildings in all cities;
  • nwctrojanrabbit - win;
  • nwcsirrobin - lose.

If you entered everything correctly, the inscription "Deceiver!!!" will appear.

Meet the official port of Heroes of Might and Magic III for android.

All that you already knew in the game Heroes of Might and Magic 3 on the PC platform, will remain unchanged, but will only transfer you and your gameplay to your favorite portable devices.

Here, the player still controls the heroic generals and participates in tactical battles taking place on separate arena maps. Between fights, he has to explore the map in search of resources, improve his castle, build new buildings and hire soldiers and heroes. Each hero has his own class, has a number of features and characteristics, can be improved with gaining experience and equipped with various objects. In addition to this, during the adventure and battle, he can use spells from 4 schools: fire, water, air and earth.

Special attention is paid to cities (castles). In order to develop well, to have a powerful army and a strong fort you need to properly and quickly improve your city, to build various buildings and structures. So the tave allows you to hire new heroes and lea about the state of the enemy, the shipyard allows you to build ships to travel on water, the market allows you to share resources with a merchant and much more. The game has about 10 basic buildings to be upgraded, plus unique buildings for each race (there are 9 of them: the citadel, the stronghold, the infeo, the necropolis, etc.).

It happened, this so long waiting for the fans of the series. The most famous, popular and large-scale tactical tu-based strategy with RPG elements is available for Android tablets absolutely free and without emulators. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is one of those games that everyone should play!

Game features:

  •     2D HD graphics, official restyling
  •     Classic strategy available for free without an emulator
  •     Nearly 10 races with unique creatures, skills, and structures
  •     Dozens of buildings that affect the course of the game
  •     4 schools of magic with a hundred spells
  •     Hundreds of units: archers, mages, skeletons, cyclops, demons, and so on.
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You can download and install Heroes of Might and Magic III HD on your computer using Google Play Games

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